2020 FinTech Overview

Last year was full of unexpected news, quite a few challenges, and twice as many innovations and developments. Many industries suffered and were impacted by the worldwide pandemic making more room for improvements and digitalization of products and services.

What were the digital asset investment trends in 2020?

The highest number of M&A transactions in the sector’s history.

What were the payment and banking trends in 2020?

What were the topics of DeFi in 2020?

DeFi hacks
It has been estimated by The Block Research that more than 120 million USD worth of value has been exploited from DeFi contracts. These hacks occur from taking advantage of bugs in the code, from manipulations of prices and oracle, etc. As this is a significant trend, we will look at this topic in our near future blogs.

If you are interested in a more in-depth analysis of multiple FinTech trends and topics of 2020, you can read The Block Research — 2021 Digital Asset Outlook Report

Apart from our FinTech & CBDC blog series, we will be discussing multiple interesting and trending topics od 2020 and upcoming ones in 2021.

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