Blog series | Norway

The Nordic FinTech community is quite strong, as Nordic and Baltic countries are considered to be one of the most digitally mature globally. Digitalization has been a key driver for innovation and success in the FinTech industry. Sweden was the second country we talked about, and now we are moving on with Norway.

Norway’s FinTech development

More than 120 FinTech companies are operating in multiple fields, such as:

  • Payments,
  • Digital banking,
  • Enterprise financial software,
  • Security & compliance,
  • Capital raising,
  • Insurtech,
  • Wealth management,
  • Data and analytics providers.

Multiple fast-growing FinTech companies are worth mentioning. Aprilia Bank provides digital banking services intended to renew traditional small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) banking. Settle Group is a European mobile payment leader providing products and services for the retail and corporate markets. Isabel is an analytics platform for investment professionals.

Norway’s CBDC

Who regulates the industry?

Nordic FinTech Report 2021
FinTech Baltic

Using Blockchain technologies, we have created a new custody platform for Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) assets.